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The purpose of the privacy policy is to provide a natural person (data subject) with information on the purpose, volume, security, protection of the processing of personal data, as well as to provide other information on the processing of personal data.

Personal data

Personal data means any information, which is related to identified or identifiable natural person.

Application of privacy policy

The privacy policy of the SIA “ITQ GROUP” is applied to the processing of personal data, regardless of the way (in the form) natural person provides their data (whether the personal data is provided by a third party in accordance with the law/authorisation/eligibility): in paper form, in electronic form, on the Internet home page of the SIA “ITQ GROUP”, in the internet shop, in the shop, etc.

Basic information

Purpose of processing personal data: Contracts for the purchase of goods/services, execution of the supply of goods, accounting administration, fulfilment of warranty obligations.

Manager: SIA “ITQ GROUP”, registration No. 42103073388

Registered address: Strazdu Street 5C, Liepāja, Latvia

Legal basis: legitimate interests of SIA “ITQ GROUP”.

Transfer of data to a third country: Not in progress.

Data recipients: Manager, manager operator and competent (law enforcement) national authorities, co-operation partners and service (outsourcing) providers, database management services providers, cloud computing providers, accounting outsourcing providers, lawyers, lawyers' offices, operators, etc.

Processing and legal basis of personal data

The processing of personal data is carried out in order to fulfil the objective of this privacy policy, including the realisation of the legitimate interests of the SIA “ITQ GROUP” (commercial activity), the requirements of the regulatory enactments regarding the receipt, processing, storage, transfer, etc. of “personal data” of individuals, and in order to comply with the regulatory enactments governing consumer law demands.

The duration of the storage of personal data depends on the term in the regulatory enactment or the term specified in the entered into contract or the term governed by the SIA “ITQ GROUP”. Personal data is not stored for longer than is necessary to meet regulatory requirements, taking into account the legitimate interests of SIA “ITQ GROUP”.

When circumstances arise where the processing/storage of personal data is not required, personal data shall be deleted.

The processing of personal data is carried out using specialised and secure software to ensure the safe processing and storage of personal data using antivirus programs (“firewalls”) and using other technological solutions. Personal data is protected by access systems and special software.

Transfer of personal data

Personal data shall not be transferred to third countries (non-EU and/or EEA countries).

Personal data may be transferred to partners, service providers (operators) and authorised legal, natural persons (lawyers) of the SIA “ITQ GROUP” Co-operation (including outsourcing companies). The transfer of personal data is done securely using secure software and technology. Personal data are transferred only to the extent necessary to fulfil the legitimate interests of the SIA “ITQ GROUP”.

Commercial offerings, promotional materials

Commercial communications are sent to recipients/individuals who have agreed to receive commercial communications (promotional materials) from SIA “ITQ GROUP”. Information about declining to receive commercial (promotional) messages is listed in commercial (promotional) e-mail. You can cancel receiving commercial (promotional materials) messages by writing to e-mail:

Protection of personal data

The protection of personal data shall be exercised in accordance with the applicable regulatory enactments (regulations, laws).

Access to your personal data

A natural person may access their personal data on the basis of a written submission, observing the requirements of the regulatory enactments regulating personal data, regulating the processing of applications by sending by post: SIA “ITQ GROUP”, Strazdu Street 5C, Liepāja, Latvia, by e-mail:

When submitting the application, the natural person shall be required to identify it to the extent necessary to make it possible for the SIA “ITQ GROUP” to make sure that the applicant for the written application is the person whose data he requests. In this case, SIA “ITQ GROUP” shall provide the applicant with available personal data and other intended information.

Right to cancel consent

A natural person has the right to cancel their consent for the processing of personal data. The cancelation shall be submitted in the same way as the consent for the processing of their personal data was given.

In any event, the natural person may send their written cancelation for the cessation of the processing of personal data to the registered office of the SIA “ITQ GROUP”.: Strazdu Street 5C, Liepāja, Latvia, and/or by e-mail: The cancelation of consent shall not affect the processing of personal data which was carried out prior to receipt of the cancelation. Nor does the cancelation of consent affect or suspend the processing of personal data carried out in accordance with and/or on the basis of legal bases (regulation, law, rules).

Final information

The SIA “ITQ GROUP” has the right to make changes to the privacy policy by informing the natural persons (data subjects).

The headings of the sections of these rules should not be interpreted other than to facilitate the transparency of the rules.

The data subject (a natural person), if it considers that its rights regarding the processing of personal data have been infringed, has the right to refer to the SIA “ITQ GROUP” or the State Data Inspectorate.

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